-Robin Lamb-

Robin Lamb

Robin Lamb is an accomplished Folk and Barn Dance caller with over 50 years of experience. Your ceilidh or barn dance will contain a carefully chosen selection of traditional and community dances designed to get everyone dancing and to “mix the families and other guests together”.

There is no need to worry if you have not danced before, the dances are demonstrated or “walked through” before the music starts and the complexity of the dances is carefully varied to suit the people present.

You have a choice of bands, or if the number of guests is small, perhaps a single musician or even recorded music. All the bands Robin works with have excellent musicians with many years of experience playing for similar functions.

Robin lives in Shropshire. He regularly calls for ceilidhs and barn dances in the West Midlands, Shropshire and bordering counties.

All you need to do is to say where and when and Robin will do the rest.

Some letters received

Robin started dancing way back in the early fifties when he went to as many dances as he could find whilst attending regular classes in style, balance and looking after his partner.

He joined a display team of folk dancers and morris men before going to several weekend leadership courses.

Later he took over a series of local dance clubs and started calling for “outside” events around 1961.

Since then he has made a speciality of events for beginners where previous knowledge is not needed, but enjoyment is essential.

This can vary enormously, he has been as far West as Aberystwth & Colwyn Bay, as far North as Chester & Derby, East to Coventry and South to Swindon. The ideal is throughout The West Midlands; Shropshire and the bordering counties.

Fine! Robin also calls for local Folk Dance Clubs with live or recorded music.

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